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Personal Protective Equipment

Meeting Your Safety Requirements

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is a collection of wearable equipment used to prevent or minimize exposure to hazardous workplace elements. Allison Medical offers a comprehensive line of PPE Products to help keep your business compliant and your employees safe.

Allison Medical offers these basic PPE Products.

Personal protective equipment logo in blue
A group of SaniMist Liquid Concentrate Disinfecting Packets, a single bottle of PreventX liquid and an applicator sprayer.

3-Step, Disinfect and Protect System

Sanitize. Prevent. Protect.

SaniMist is the EPA registered disinfecting formula for whole room surface disinfection. This hospital-grade formula is approved for use on hard, pre-cleaned, non-porous, non-food contact surface disinfection procedures.

EPA Registered Disinfecting Formula.
Liquid Concentrate Packets.

PreventX 24/7 is an EPA registered anti-microbial that imparts long lasting (30+ days) anti-microbial protection on hard surfaces and fabrics.

EPA Registered Anti-Microbial.
Liquid Barrier Shield.

A two piece unit along with a power pack makes using this tool simple and convenient. SaniMist and PreventX Sprayer/Surface applicator.

Surface Applicator.
Convenient & Light.

Where to Buy PPE Products?

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