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Animal Health

Innovative Solutions in Veterinary Medical Advancements

Allison Medical offers a variety of options with the CarePoint Vet product line. Our animal health products are tested to help you provide superior care. Each product line was developed for a wide range of animal needs along with their comfort in mind and an ease-of-use when administering injections.

Companion and Production Animal Blood Collection Tubes

CarePoint Vet blood collection tubes undergo rigorous validation to ensure accuracy in barcode labeling, centrifugation operations, and overall laboratory handling. Furthermore, adherence to ISO and CLSI guidelines is maintained in specifying cap color, label information, and the chemical composition of additives.

CarePoint Vet’s blood collection tubes are designed to provide superior acquisition, containment, and stability of blood samples. They offer easy manual access, but are also designed for use with automated sample processing machines.

Companion Animal Healthcare

CarePoint Vet insulin syringes and pen needles are manufactured at an MDSAP certified facility. MDSAP is the newest and most stringent quality program for medical devices. Achieving this quality standard provides independent verification of Allison Medical’s commitment to providing the highest quality insulin syringes and pen needles on the market.

The CarePoint Vet product line offers U-100, U-40 insulin syringes & pen needles. 

Companion and Production Animal Syringes & Needles

CarePoint Precision Vet syringes are comprised of a graduated syringe barrel with a Luer slip adapter, a piston and piston rod. Individually packaged in blister packs and sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO). CarePoint Precision Vet syringes are for Veterinary Use Only with gradations specifically for use with companion and production animals.

CarePoint Precision Vet is a healthcare product line developed for companion and production animals. Luer slip conventional syringes and aluminum hub needles are both available.

Why choose CarePoint Vet and CarePoint Precision Vet?

Your pet’s comfort is at the forefront of our minds when developing our CarePoint Vet products.

  • Easy to Use. Large, bold easy-to-read permanent markings for accurate dosage.
  • Comfortable. Our needles are lubricated for your pet’s comfort.
  • Variety. We have a wide variety of sizes, lengths & gauges so you will be able to use the product your pet needs.
  • Convenience. With sterile internal packaging our sterile barrier caps and blister packs allow for a safe and clean use out of the exterior packaging.
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How to inject your pet?

Administering a shot to your pet can be a tricky situation. To ensure you do it correctly, we have provided a instructional guide to help you have a safe injection experience.
Talk to your pet’s veterinarian for additional information on your specific animal needs.

Our CarePoint product line for veterinary use extends with the use of our CarePoint Precision conventional syringes.

Our CarePoint Precision conventional syringe product line offers a variety of syringes that are compatible for the needs of veterinary use and animal health.

Where to Buy CarePoint Product Lines?

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