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Safety Needles & Conventional Syringes with Safety Needle Combinations

Redefining Drug Delivery

Allison Medical‘s CarePoint Safety product line was developed to reduce accidental needle stick injuries by keeping both patient and healthcare worker protected once the shield is engaged covering the needle.

CarePoint Safety Needles are designed with an easy 3-way activation system to help prevent further contact with the needle. CarePoint Safety syringes are comprised of a graduated syringe barrel with a Luer lock and Luer Slip adapter, a piston and piston rod.

Safety Needles and Conventional Syringe Combos

A single CarePoint Conventional Syringe & Safety Needle Combination with optional blue and orange safety cap

Why choose CarePoint Safety Needles and Combos?

CarePoint Safety Needle is a hinged safety device designed to help protect healthcare workers and patients from exposure to needle-stick injuries.

The integrated safety shield is activated using a thumb, fore finger, or hard surface. An audible and tactile click indicates the safety device has been engaged.

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Three images showing the three stages of use for SureComfort safety needles

SureComfort Safety Pen Needles

Delivering Quality and Comfort

Allison Medical‘s SureComfort Safety pen needles advance the users control and comfort. This high quality universal design is the premier in “Passive/Automatic” safety systems. Available in two sizes for your needs.

SureComfort Safety Pen Needles are designed with a Passive/Automatic safety system. This system engages once the dose is administered and is indicted by a tactical click, locking in a forward position to prevent further contact.

Short and Micron. Individually sheathed.

Where to Buy CarePoint Precision Product Lines?

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