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Conventional Syringes

Redefining Drug Delivery

Allison Medical offers a variety of options with the CarePoint product line. Our precision healthcare products are tested and prove to provide the best care on the market. Each product line was developed with a wide range of health care needs along with the comfort and an ease-of-use injection for those administrating a shot.

Precision Healthcare

CarePoint Precision syringes are comprised of a graduated syringe barrel with a Luer lock or Luer slip adapter, a piston and piston rod. They are individually packaged in blister packs and sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO). CarePoint syringes are general use syringes to be used by or on the order of a physician for general purpose fluid aspiration and injection.

Luer Lock & Luer Slip Conventional Syringes with Poly Hub Needle Combinations.

A drop of medicine forming at the tip of a syringe

Why choose CarePoint Precision?

CarePoint Precision line of conventional syringes consist of high quality, economically priced syringes.

  • Complete line of syringes with easy-to-read calibrations.
  • Available in Luer lock and Luer slip adapters, with or without needle.
  • Individually packaged, sterile, non toxic, pyrogen free and not made with natural rubber Latex.
  • Autoclavable, siliconized barrel, reinforced tips with a double sealed rubber plunger.
Two carepoint syringes along with injectable medicine bottles

Product Profiles - CarePoint Products

The CarePoint line offers a wide variety of syringes both in Luer lock and Luer slip fittings. Our state-of-art manufacturing facility partners ensure quality products at an affordable price.

A grouping of four empty syringes without needles

Where to Buy CarePoint Precision Product Lines?

For more information on this product line, please contact us at
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