SureComfort Insulin Syringes
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The SureComfort Insulin syringe line offers one of the most extensive lines of gauges, lengths and volumes available on the market, including a half-unit syringe for small doses. Clear, bold gradations are easy to read and permanent markings allow for an accurate dose every time. The needles are UV bonded to ensure stability and low dead space prevents insulin waste. The oversized finger grip allows for better injection control and the needles are lubricated to provide the most comfort. The syringes are conveniently packaged in bags of 10 syringes, with each box containing 100 syringes.

• Permanent markings assure an accurate dose

• Syringes are listed in First Data Bank

• Oversized finger grip supports better injection control

• Lubricated needle provides better injection control

• Needles are UV bonded to ensure stability

SureComfort Pen Needles
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The SureComfort Pen Needles provide a universal fit with all diabetes pens and dosers.* The line continues to improve with the addition of convenient 50 count boxes and new sizes: 30G x 5/16” and 32G x ¼” and most recently the Micron 32G x 5/32″. The pen needles are lubricated to provide the best possible injection comfort. *As of June 2010.

• Compatible with all major brand insulin delivery devices

• New multi-lingual packaging

• Extensive offering of gauges and lengths

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SureComfort Lancets
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SureComfort Lancets are universally designed to fit most lancing devices. The tips are tri-beveled for maximum comfort and safe testing. Conveniently packaged in a sealed protective bag and packaged in either 100 or 200 count boxes.

• Tri-bevel tip for maximum comfort

• Enclosed in a re-sealable bag

• Universal design fits most lancing device

SureComfort Safety Lancets
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The newest addition to the SureComfort line, our pressure activated safety lancets are designed for both patients and healthcare professionals. The safety lancets are easy to use and safe as the needle retracts after use leaving no possibility of reuse.

• Easy to use, pressure activated safety lancets

• New bi-lingual packaging

• Designed for both patients and healthcare professionals

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SureComfort Lancing Pen
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The SureComfort Lancing Pen offers an easy to use push and click action that resembles an ink pen. Adjustable settings allow for the flexibility of alternative site testing. The lancing pen uses universal lancets.

• Adjustable settings

• Alternate site testing

• Push and click style

• For use with universal lancets

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SureComfort Alcohol Prep Pads
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**STERILE** Packaged in an air tight four-layer wrapper to prevent leakage and drying out, SureComfort alcohol prep pads are convenient and reliable. Sterile and saturated with 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol, they are ideal for individual, professional and hospital use.

• For individual, professional and hospital use

• Saturated with 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol

• Airtight seal for moist application