SureComfort Insulin Syringes
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The SureComfort Insulin syringe line offers one of the most extensive lines of gauges, lengths and volumes available on the market, including a half-unit syringe for small doses. Clear, bold gradations are easy to read and permanent markings allow for an accurate dose every time. The needles are UV bonded to ensure stability and low dead space prevents insulin waste. The oversized finger grip allows for better injection control and the needles are lubricated to provide the most comfort. The syringes are conveniently packaged in bags of 10 syringes, with each box containing 100 syringes.

• Permanent markings assure an accurate dose

• Syringes are listed in First Data Bank

• Oversized finger grip supports better injection control

• Lubricated needle provides better injection control

• Needles are UV bonded to ensure stability