Controlling diabetes means controlling blood sugar, and for many people, that means regular testing and injections. Our diabetes products have been created to provide uncompromised product quality and comfort while addressing the ever-changing needs of both patients and allied health professionals worldwide.



Why choose Sure Comfort?

Patient comfort was at the top of our mind when we created the SureComfort product line.
  • Comfort. Each needle is carefully lubricated & monitored for any imperfection to ensure injection comfort.
  • Consistent Quality. Our products have been manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities for over 35 years to guarantee consistent quality.
  • Ease of Use. SureComfort products are a universal fit and can be used with standard insulin pens and lancing devices.


The Right Needle for Your Needs

Our smallest SureComfort insulin syringe needle is only 6mm long, ensuring your injection site is comfortable. Download Our SureComfort Catalog


Tools and Resources for People Living with Diabetes

Living with diabetes requires daily self-management and medications as prescribed. We've created a variety of tip sheets and other resources to help make living with diabetes more manageable Learn More

The CarePoint Safety Needle

The CarePoint Safety Needle is a hinged safety device designed to help protect healthcare workers from exposure to needle-stick injuries. The integrated safety shield is activated using a thumb, fore finger, or hard surface. An audible and tactile click indicates the safety device has been activated. CarePoint safety needle and syringe combinations are available. Learn More

Our Products

SureComfort Insulin Syringes

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SureComfort Pen Needles

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SureComfort Lancets

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SureComfort Safety Lancets

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SureComfort Lancing Pen

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SureComfort Alcohol Prep Pads

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Why CarePoint Safety Needles and Combos?

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